Supporting Research
and Education in the
Field of Bioenergetics



One of the central pillars of IBE is scientific research. The mainstream scientific community has not yet fully awakened to the therapeutic power of BIH (Bioenergetic and Informational Healthcare), and it is the intention of the Institute to introduce them to the quality scientific evidence that supports it. Ongoing research includes:

» Mapping the Effects of Digital Biosignatures on Culture Tissue

» Stem Cell and Nutrient Targeting

» Clinical Outcomes

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Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. Its goal is to restore health and vitality and allow people to live life on their own terms, pursuing their dreams and having meaningful time with those they love.

While much of today’s medical approach is based on the chemistry of the body, chemistry itself is driven by physics – by the exchange of energy (electrons) between molecules. What’s more, physics provides us with faster and more efficient forms of communication in the body than chemistry does, explaining what we actually see in the body vs. what could be explained by the nervous system or hormones alone.

So when we want to get to the root of how the body works and how to power its healing, we absolutely need to address the energy of the body, and this is the purpose of bioenergetics.

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Institute Objectives


To conduct fundamental & clinical
research into Bioenergetics.


To educate the public about the results
& how Bioenergetics can help people.



To provide Bioenergetic therapy to
underprivileged parts of society.

What people are saying about Bioenergetics…

One of my clients had tried many other avenues to help her with chronic sinus issues and general tiredness from being chronically unwell for so long. Within one month… she recovered her sense of smell for the first time in years. She continued to get better in the following weeks

Bioenergetic Practitioner

I used to have this unusual feeling. It would suddenly come over me. It was a feeling like my whole body was shutting down. It began almost like a seizure. I would think, oh, here it comes. Then my energy would begin to fade… Over the course of 1 year, the shut down strength and frequency began to fade, until finally they stopped completely. [Bioenergetic remedies] are the work of genius and inspiration.

Bioenergetic Practitioner

I had black mold exposure… I was extremely fatigued, swelling, ankles swelled. I noticed more energy within 3 weeks… I no longer have fatigue or swelling. It will be a year in April that I started.

Anonymous Client