Research at IBE

What Science has Revealed

For over a century, leading scientists and independent researchers (such as Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, John Wheeler, Rupert Sheldrake, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Bruce Lipton, Hartmut Müller, Konstantin Meyl, Fritz-Albert Popp, Dean Radin, Peter H. Fraser, Rollin McCraty, Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne) have explored and described information fields that influence health and wellbeing. Research shows that we not only need to be aware of them, but also to attend to any distortions in them if we want to enjoy optimum health.

The exciting findings demonstrate the quantum nature of our world and the bioenergetic and bio-informational aspects of the human body.

Key Areas of Research

  • Field based cellular communication – researching the fundamental mechanisms of how field based communication could be working versus chemical based communication
  • Field Transmission (Imprinting) – how technology can be used for field transmission and used in the future of health devices
  • Clinical Effects – influencing systems and pathways of the body to analyze the affect on diseases

Current Research

We are currently working with Dr. Hemal Patel  to provide us with laboratory testing on live tissue samples in order to demonstrate the efficacy of our unique field transmission process.

Neural Stem Cell Growth

Initial findings have shown a 45% growth increase in neural stem cells when exposed to one of our specific biosignatures. Further research is being conducted to narrow down the specific mechanisms and documented conclusions.

Cell Rigidity

Studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effect of specific biosignatures on cell rigidity. Cell rigidity is believed to effect the resilience of cells to external environmental factors. Early data is showing that our biosignatures can increase the rigidity of cells that have been sampled from individuals with chronic conditions.

Viral Protection

This initial research took place in 2021 and is ongoing. We are furthering this research and are gathering more data before looking to officially publish results, but early on, it is evident lung tissue can be protected from viruses using transmitted biosignatures. 

Future Research

The Institute of Bioenergetics is seeking investment and research opportunities to further the knowledge of our current research and provide additional focus to the following activities:

  • Field based cellular communication
  • Field based cellular repair mechanisms
  • Field Transmission (Imprinting)
  • Effects on different mediums and tissues
  • Clinical effects in specific studies

Using BIH (Bioenergetic and Informational Healing) Devices in Healthcare

On a practical level, the frontier research into the ‘new biology’ has been utilised by inventors and innovators to design and build bioenergetic and informational devices that are typically computer based and can ‘dialogue’ with an organism on the level of information characterised by quantum processes. Many BIH devices are now able to probe (in effect, to ‘ask questions’ of) the human body and body-field and when an imbalance or distortion of energy and/or information has been detected, send a corrective message to the body or its underlying body-field.

Unlike many conventional modalities, most BIH technologies are non-invasive. They gently interact with the organism, so they produce few side-effects and are not toxic to the system. Visionary politicians, regulators and medical practitioners are beginning to look at BIH as a promising area of healthcare because of the growing scientific evidence that demonstrates its efficacy. BIH is also much less expensive than standard medical imaging and pharmaceutical intervention, so it is potentially part of the solution to the crushing financial burden of conventional medical care.