Before & After Photos

Before, a foal suffering from scoliosis.

After, improvement after just one treatment with the miHealth device.

Before, a severe psoriasis flare-up.

After, psoriasis is almost entirely gone after bioenergetic treatment.

Before & After, two X-ray images  of a horse with Navicular disease, showing improvement – and even reversal – of the condition after bioenergetic therapy.

Before, leg wounds resulting in lameness.

Before, the horse’s wounds were covered by a cast.

After, back to galloping after just one month of treatments with the miHealth device.

Before, during, and after, the healing process of a severe arm burn. A Bioenergetic approach resulted in a quick recovery process and minimal scarring.

Before, depigmentation around the eye.

After one treatment with the miHealth device.

After two treatments with the miHealth device.

After the thrid miHealth treatment.

Before, a horse suffering from dermatitis.

After, the same horse after just one week of bioenergetic treatments.

Testimonials from Practitioners and Clients

“After only 6 weeks… I have felt a significant boost in my energy and vitality. This improvement has come slowly and steadily which tells me that the changes are coming from a deep internal rejuvenation. I have also noticed a boost in mental clarity and a shift toward being more driven and focused. I have long known that energy is the basis of ANY change for the better. The problem has always been, how do I get the energy I need? The regimens I follow have provided me with a significant energy level improvement. As a result, I am beginning to regain the hope that I can make the changes I need and want for a better life. Thank you for turning me on to this exciting new methodology for healing!”

John C.

Eugene, OR

“I used to have this unusual feeling. It would suddenly come over me. It was a feeling like my whole body was shutting down. It began almost like a seizure. I would think, oh, here it comes. Then my energy would begin to fade… Over the course of 1 year, the shut down strength and frequency began to fade, until finally they stopped completely. [Bioenergetic remedies] are the work of genius and inspiration.”

Bioenergetic Practitioner

“You just need to try [bioenergetic remedies] and see how your body communicates the effects back to you. The body speaks but often we don’t want to hear what it really wants us to do. With energetic modifications of the biofield… the body’s realm can be accessed and the egoic realm can’t do any covering up of the real issues. Real healing can begin when we start addressing the real problem and issues. Infoceuticals can help reinform the body and enable it to start the corrective process.”

Bioenergetic Practitioner

“One of my clients had tried many other avenues to help her with chronic sinus issues and general tiredness from being chronically unwell for so long. Within one month… she recovered her sense of smell for the first time in years. She continued to get better in the following weeks.”

Bioenergetic Practitioner