What is Bioenergetics?

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Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. Its goal is to restore health and vitality and allow people to live life on their own terms, pursuing their dreams and having meaningful time with those they love.

While much of today’s medical approach is based on the chemistry of the body, chemistry itself is driven by physics – by the exchange of energy (electrons) between molecules. What’s more, physics provides us with faster and more efficient forms of communication in the body than chemistry does, explaining what we actually see in the body vs. what could be explained by the nervous system or hormones alone.

Researchers, for instance, point to the real-time coordination needed across every part of the body for sports. Chemical signaling – and this includes the nervous system – isn’t fast enough to have the entire body synchronizing everything at once. Resonant communication between energy systems, however, is instantaneous; this involves entanglement of all energy in its most basic forms, but also relationships between organelles, cells of the same type, and even differing cells that may have underlying energy similarities.

This doesn’t negate the value of a chemical communication system as a second system – a “hardwire” system working alongside a “WiFi” system, so to speak. But if we want to understand the body, we need to understand both.

And when we want to get to the root of how the body works and how to power its healing, we absolutely need to address the energy of the body. This is the purpose of bioenergetics.

To be clear, there is a conventional area of research in biochemistry called bioenergetics, which focuses on how living systems acquire and produce energy chemically, as with ATP produced from food. But there is far more to energy in living systems. So bioenergetics (“life energy”) in a complete sense must go beyond chemistry and into quantum biology.

“Quantum” refers to the subatomic world, dealing not only with energy particles that make up atoms (i.e., electrons, protons, and neutrons), but also with photons (light), electromagnetic and sound frequencies, and indeed “information” in space, which is considered something real and measurable in physics, and is something that directs energetic activity.

These are all very real considerations in human health. Scientists have already shown that light and sound can turn on and off genetic expression, and magnetic fields can have profound biological effects as well. One study, for instance, showed how magnetic fields can be used to mitigate pain from sports injuries; countless studies show how pulsed electromagnetic fields from magnetic coils (in “PEMF” devices) provide benefits; and there is of course a lot of concern and research into the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cell phones and other electronic devices.

What’s more, research into “biophotons” (photons or light produced by cells in living tissue) suggests that light may be a mechanism or the mechanism by which cells communicate. We certainly know that light alters biological activity – the natural day and night cycles, with changing light frequencies and intensities, help us to wake and sleep by triggering hormonal activity. For the same reason, experts now advise avoiding blue light (from cell phones, TVs, etc.) in the evenings to help the body properly prepare for sleep.

Given the primacy of physics over chemistry, it seems a given that this is the next major medical frontier. Indeed, lasers and sound are increasingly used in medical procedures. But the vast majority of today’s medicine relies on solutions that are not this precise, that are not at the foundation of how the body works, and that carry with them their well known list of side effects.

We need to do better than this, and that’s why bioenergetics dives deep, exploring how we gather energy in the body (well beyond chemical ATP) and how it’s directed. Bioenergetics studies how we can interact with this energy and the fields produced to gather information about the state of the body. And bioenergetics explores innovative ways to help the body draw in more energy and correct the communication processes between the energy systems of the body.

Bioenergetics has already been the basis of remarkable healing activities in people across the globe, for when you support energy and communication in the body, you free the body to do all that it’s miraculously able to do. But we know that we’re just getting started. More research is needed to show the world really what is here. More innovations are needed to get solutions – and ever more effective solutions – into people’s hands across the globe.

This is our drive. This is what we’re doing. We’re on a mission to change how healthcare is offered and how people can restore their health and their zest for life.

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